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Best Dry Cleaning Prices in New York City

Shirts Machine Pressed $2.65 $3.25 $5.50
Wash & Fold 8 lb. minimum $14 addtil $1.50/lb
Pants $7.45 $9.45 $16.50
Shirts Hand Press $7.45 $8.45 $11.00
Blouse $7.45 $9.45 $15.50
Shirts Dry Clean $7.45 $9.45 $16.50
Sweater $7.95 $9.95 $16.50
Jacket $8.75 $10.95 $17.50
Dress $14.25 $19.50 $27.50
Suit 2 pc $15.75 $19.25 $28.00
Coat $29.95 $39.55 $49.50
Sneakers $7 price may vary depending on material
Backpacks $10 - All Fabric $15 - Partial Suede/Leather -

Frequently Ask Question

Does J’s Cleaners charge a delivery fee?

Our delivery service is FREE. There are no additional charges.

Where do I pick-up and drop-off my clothes?

If you live in a Manhattan doorman or concierge building, simply leave it with them and call, text or email us to let us know. Do not have a doorman concierge? Contact us for more options.

Do you provide a bag for my clothes?

We provide complimentary J’s Cleaners nylon bags for our customers.

How do I sign up?

Simply call us or sign up here online for our exclusive service.

How do I tell J’s Cleaners about my special request/concern with my garment?

Leave us a note with your request in the bag for our J’s Cleaners Customer Service Representative or email us.

How do I pay for your door-to-door service?

We accept all major credit cards, and will charge your credit card after each delivery. A detailed invoice will be included with your order.


  • 1046 Third Ave. New York, NY 10065
  • 212-716-1177


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