The Wonders of Wash & Foldn

Time. It’s one thing you probably don’t have enough of, and it’s one thing we can save you when you take advantage of our wash and fold services. J’s never uses washers with agitators, which can damage your clothes. We carefully follow all care label instructions to ensure that colors stay bright and whites stay white. We use the finest hypo-allergenic, professional grade detergents and conditioners, monitor relative humidity in drying, and leave your laundry smelling and feeling as clean and fresh as an ocean breeze.

For those of you who find it therapeutic to do your own laundry, here are some tips from J’s professionals laundresses:

1. Read the Care Label

The Federal Trade Commission requires garment manufacturers to give you proper care instructions for your garments. This is where you will find all the warnings that list the conditions that can cause your colors to fade or bleed or your garment to shrink or stretch. Take the time to read them

2. Check Garments for Inventory Control Tags

These small tags are often hidden in pockets and side seams and have been known to release a blue or red dye when they come into contact with water or are subjected to certain temperatures. If you’ve ever had a load of laundry come out with a pink or blue tinge, chances are it was from an undetected control tag.

3. Sort Your Clothes:

Wash Dark Colors and Like Fabrics Together You don’t want your light weight, smooth fabrics rubbing up against your blue jeans during washing or drying, as it can cause abrasion and pilling. You don’t want to wash your dark color tee shirts with your white towels. While it takes time and costs more to run smaller loads, in the long run your things will look better and last longer with customized care.

4. Turn Clothes Inside Out

Overloaded washers can’t properly clean the clothes because the water and detergents can’t properly disperse, evenly penetrate or be rinsed from the load. Similarly, an overloaded dryer does not have proper airflow and will take far longer to dry. In all likelihood, it will also result in over drying (lint, static, possible shrinkage and color loss) of at least part of the load.

5. Do Not Overload the Washer or Dryer

You can reduce the effects (pilling and color loss) of washing’s mechanical action by turning your clothing inside out before washing and drying.

6. Wash Colors in Cold Water

7. Don't Over Dry

In a perfect world your clothes should NEVER be 100% dry when removed from the dryer. Laboratory tests have shown most color damage and shrinkage occur in the removal of the final 5-10% of moisture from the load. FYI: Static is an indicator of over drying.

8. Don’t Use Fabric Softeners on Your Towels

Fabric softeners will inhibit the towels’ fibers from absorbing moisture..

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