If you’re like most people, you’ve wondered how we price the shirts that you bring in to us. Most people assume it’s based on gender, but surprise, surprise – it’s NOT. Our prices are driven by whether the shirt is suitable for bulk laundering and pressing on our automated finishing equipment and needs no hand touch up, or if it should be wet cleaned, dry cleaned, hand finished or touched up Our Pricing and Processing are all about the Shirt! When pricing how much a shirt will cost to be cleaned, it’s not as easy as male or female! We must examine each shirt individually and determine:

1. What kind of fabric it is?

Some fabrics can't be laundered or put onto the automated pressing machine because the plates are TOO HOT. These shirts have to be done by hand.

2. Are there any special designer details?

Ruffles, pleats, darting, (often found on tuxedo dress shirts and some women’s blouses) - must be done by hand.

3. What cleaning process will be best for the shirt?

Laundered, wet cleaned or dry cleaned, and by the way, only laundered shirts can be finished (pressed) by automated equipment.

4. Whether or not that size and cut shirt fits on our automated finishing machine?

If not, it will be done by hand.

Hand finishing is more labor intensive and requires a higher skill set. Therefore, it is more costly, as is wetcleaning and dry cleaning. At J’s though it doesn't matter if it is a man’s, woman's or child’s shirt… pricing always depends on the cleaning and finishing process the shirt requires. But you can be certain that however it’s cleaned and whether your shirt is done by hand or on our finishing machines, it will come out looking its best!

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