Despite what it may look like from the outside, dry cleaning is not a simple process; it is part art and part science. During our 30 years in business, we’ve seen people denigrate the profession by opening dry cleaning shops, without making any investment in learning their trade and how to ‘do it right’. How insulting to you and risky for your clothes! It’s like thinking they can become a fine clothing designer or tailor without first going to school to learn the necessary skills. At J’s we have more respect than that for your clothes and our craft.

To ‘do it right’, superb dry cleaning requires an investment in state of the art equipment and tools, as well as professional training and knowledge about fabrics, fiber identification, stains and stain removal sciences, cleaning processes, garment construction and pressing techniques… all of which lets a great cleaner use those tools and equipment for the good of your garment.

At J’s we’ve made the trifecta commitment of time, training and tools. You have our guarantee that we have the talent and will take the time to ensure your garment is always returned to you in tip top condition - free of stains, free of odors, free of fabric shine, free of seam impressions or double creases… in other words, free of imperfections and often in a better condition then when you purchased it.

J's Cleaners respects the time, energy and money you have invested in your wardrobe. That’s why we invest our time, training and tools to provide you with a level of quality that will extend the useful life of your garments. We know our job is to protect your investment so your wardrobe will last longer, look better and save you the costs of premature replacement.

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